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self-propelled Deck barge for sale

1)   7,000mt MPP (Container carrier, heavy project, Bulk cargo etc.) deck barge for sale_Self propelled _ Serious seller for ppt delivery.

       Built:             Oct, 2017, China

       Flag:              China  

       Class:            ZC (trading area A1+A2)  can be converted to NON-IACS class with A3 (ocean going)

       Loa:              108.8m(including the extension of ramp out board)

       Loa:              106m (excluding ramp)

       Breadth:      25m

       Depth:         6.0m

       Design draft:   4.4m

       Ramp size:     5x12m (extendable) (roro-on, roro-off)

       Free deck area:  93.6x25=2,340 sqm

       Deck strength:  10mt/M2

       Funnel on deck (remove-able designed)

       DWCC:           7,003mt

       Containers:     300TEU on deck

       Positioning operating:    4 anchors positioning for heavy projects

       M/E:              Zibo6250, 1000Kw x 2 (http://www.zichai.com/AboutZichai/index.jhtml; since the year of 1970)

       Service speed: 10.5Kn

       D/E:               Weichai 138Kw x 2  (https://en.weichai.com , since the year of 1946) 

       Endurance:  3,600 nm (abt 15days)

       last dry docking just finished in April/2022 (few months ago)

       Ballast system 1000 cbm/h X 2

       Other modification can be done as per per buyer’s requirement before delivery. (such as FEU, container shores installation etc.)