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www.used-offshore-cranes.com is a subsidiary of Coenraadts Kraan Service B.V. which company is located in the Rotterdam area of The Netherlands and was established in 1986 of products and materials related to the offshore and crane industry worldwide.

Coenraadts Kraan Service B.V. currently operates in major international markets and has sustained relationships with several agents around the world, allowing buying and selling products and services of high quality and providing appropriate solutions to their customers. We as Coenraadts Kraan Service B.V. are a team of specialists with 40 years of experience in sales, operational and for design for offshore cranes

  • Harbor cranes,
  • Shipyard cranes,
  • Floating heavy lift cranes,
  • Offshore wind turbine installation cranes,
  • Floating grab cranes,
  • Container cranes,
  • Marine cranes and
  • Offshore cranes also equipped with AHC.

We also can deliver custom build grabs in any size and suitable for any kind of cargo and container spreaders with or without remote control.

  • Sales Director Europe Mr Toon Coenraadts.

We have sales offices in;

Europe / Netherlands


Please contact for Europe;

Mr Toon Coenraadts

Mobile: +31 6 51530 886