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New 100 tons lattice boom crane

New 100 tons lattice boom crane

Model: 100mt Pedestal Mounted Crane
Drive: Electro-Hydraulic

Overturning moment: 48.000kNm
Main Hoist: 100mt @ 22m
Min Radius: 8,5 m
Max Radius: 43 m
Whip hoist: 15mt @ all radius
Min Radius: 10m
Max Radius: 47 m
Slewing range: Fully revolving
Tuggers: 1 x 10mt

Tail Swings: 6,5m
Crane house height from bearing: 20m
Crane Mass (exclude pedestal): approx. 150mt

Superior load curve
All major equipment installed inside the crane house
Compact design saves valuable deck space
Whip hoist suitable for man-riding
Block catcher on both main hoist and whip hoist

100mt is comfortably capable of lifting the 20mt at 15m outreach (say, 20m radius from the center of the crane) as per your specification.
In addition, the required lifting height of 30m is reached simultaneously.
Also, it is noteworthy to mention that this crane is equipped with a whip hoist with 200m  of hooktravel. 
This whip hoist would enable the operator to reach 150m of waterdepth.