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45 tons Liebherr lattice boom crane

45 tons Liebherr lattice boom crane

Type: BOS 36/1800D
Manufacturer: Liebherr
Year of manufacture: 1992
Location: Europe

The crane is a Liebherr Offshore Crane model BOS 36/1800D, originally with 36 Ton capacity that was upgraded by Liebherr to 45 Ton capacity
Lattice boom length: 52,3 m
Drive: Diesel/hydraulic (Mercedes)

Weights, operational (metric tons):
Crane, body excl. base column: 71,7
Boom: 32,2
Loose gears: 7,4

The crane has been continuously maintained since new and it is in very good condition.
Last refurbishment and certification as per Liebherr 48 months control, made in october 2006. Report available.

Documentation available upon request.

Extra: There is also available a specially made adaptor to use the crane with 3400 mm pedestal diamter on a pedstal of 2300 mm diameter.